CHATTERBOXSpeech Therapy




​A speech and language screening is a free 15-minute individual session with your child.  The therapist will look at your child's ability to pronounce age-appropriate sounds, understand sentences, follow directions, auditory memory skills, use grammar, formulate complete sentences, and use vocabulary.  The therapist will also listen for voice disorders and for stuttering.  The results will be shared with you to determine if a full speech/language evaluation is needed to determine if a treatment plan needs to be developed.  If you have any concerns about your child's ability in any of these skill areas please call our office today at 918-694-0626 to schedule your free screening.

Speech/Language Evaluation


A speech/language evaluation is an hour long detailed evaluation of your child's communication abilities.  Depending on the child's strengths and weaknesses an evaluation will examine their receptive language skills (ability to understand others and follow directions), their expressive language skills (their ability to formulate sentences and get their thoughts out), their ability to use age-appropriate speech sounds, their voice, and their fluency (stuttering).  After the evaluation is complete the therapist will examine the results and write a full report that will be shared with you.  The report will explain if your child has a communication delay, the extent of the delay, and a treatment plan tailored specifically to their strengths and weaknesses (if needed). 

We currently accept Medicaid/Soonercare, Aetna, Coventry, HealthChoice, BlueCross BlueShield, United Healthcare, and self-pay patients.  We are currently being contracted with other insurance types. Please check back for an updated list.